Regina KEHRER is a german artist. She lives and works in Ammerndorf.

Technique : Water-Colour, Acrylic, Pencil. 

Artist's statement : The Tree of Life gives opportunities to become a lucky, healthy, waelthy human. You must believe in it. The Colour Gold is Standing for golden chances and the Connection to heaven, where we can find our Peace.

Extract of Artist's press release : "I was born on February 1st 1952 in the small town Eschwege, Germany. After getting higher school certificate I studied German literature and VIsual Arts at Gießen University. I taught both at different institutions among which the Centre of Art Education of the German National Museum in Nürnberg. For 15 years I have been a teacher at the secondary school in Fürth nearby Nürnberg. During many years I participated in various painting and drawing workshops in Germany, Italy, France and Greece. My artistic orientation is Expressionism (Matisse, van Gogh, Munch, Marc, Picasso) and i like to use watercolour, drawing, ink, soft pastell, oil pastell, collage and acryl. My favorite subjects are persons, portrait, nude, landscape, streets, houses, still life, abstract things..."



 PARIS - 19 DÉCEMBRE 2018 / 9 JANVIER 2019

Démarche artistique

L’exposition collective 'UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ' propose de nous faire redécouvrir tout l'univers à travers une sélection d’œuvres d’art de petit format.

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La Galerie Metanoia

Située à Paris, à deux pas du centre Beaubourg, la galerie présente une sélection d'art contemporain qui se propose de réorienter notre regard vers le monde intérieur.

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